About Us

How it all started

It was my dream to have a miniature cow, one day... some day... when i am ready...

That day I decided that time doesn't wait, drove across country to get my first mini highlander... which was not a 100% highlander in retrospect... Reading books and talking to breeders got me on a right track. I would like to present to you a small fold of foundation Mini and Mid size mini Scottish Highland Cows and Bulls.


This is Dionis, one of my foundation Miniature Highlander bull he is 3 years old, 38". Jupiter is resting in the back.

What a perfect family portrait

Dolly, her son Fergus and the new bull on the back is Boo. 
Fergus is a son of Jupiter.

Dolly and Fergus of Jupiter. with new bull Boo on the back